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My Dog is N-V-T-S Nuts!

Let me make one thing clear: I love my dog. She’s a beautiful, red border collie named Moxie.

And she’s nuts.

The audio system clicks from one mode to another and she gets upset. The dishwasher beeps, signaling the end of the cycle, and she freaks. Somebody puts on their shoes as if to leave the house and that person gets tackled.

Like I said, she’s nuts.

But if you really want to see her crazy, let it rain. Around here it’s been raining for days and days and days.

I woke early this morning to the sound of Moxie pacing the wood floor (ticky ticky ticky ticky) and Pookie trying to calm her. I never got back to sleep because she kept closing herself in the bathroom, then scratching at the door for us to let her out.

Then the real thunderstorm descended and it just got worse. What’s a mama to do?

Doggie downers are out of the question – we’d have to keep her drugged for two months straight. Thundershirt? Been there. Done that. Nice try!

Our vet suggested two fingers of rum mixed with vanilla ice cream. Short acting and nonlethal, but who in the world has leftover ice cream?

So we live with the drama.

And we love our furry girl.

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