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The Traveling Pookie Show

Pookie and I love to go. Go in the car, go on a plane, doesn’t really matter, let’s just GO.

Pookie travels for work. He accumulates frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards points like I accumulate dust bunnies under the sofa. The difference is that those miles and points can take you to some really interesting places.

Fifteen years ago I took Chewie and Dobby, sans Pookie (he was traveling…go figure), on a road trip. We drove around for nine days and we visited San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Grand Canyon. It was insanely fun/challenging/enlightening/crazy making. It was also the first time we, as a family, benefited from Pookie’s frequent travel.

Later on we took the family to places like Memphis (Beale Street is just as fun and far more family friendly than Bourbon Street) and New York City (Dobby sang at Carnegie Hall…I cried).

These were our rewards, you see. For every fabulous trip, our family had already paid the price of separation and lost time. Temporary conditions, true, but you can’t revisit the missed science fair or field day.

Now that Chewie and Dobby are more or less grown Pookie and I travel a lot as a couple. Among other places we’ve been to New Mexico (two-up on the motorcycle…stay hydrated, people!) and London (Fawlty Towers, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London).

I tag along on Pookie’s business trips when I can. Sometimes I venture out alone to see the sights while Pookie works, other times I load up my tablet so I can binge watch some television series I haven’t seen yet. Clean towels every day (not a green habit, but I’M ON VACATION). Executive lounge privileges (hotels chefs do some fine, tasty finger foods). Visits with friends and family we don’t often see (Yo Big Bro!).

Occasionally I fly off alone to visit Best Gay Boyfriend (aka BGB, another post for another day), or to hear Chewie in concert (Rhapsody in Blue anyone?).

The day will come when we have more dust bunnies than airline miles, but by then we’ll be living in the RV.

So check your local listings because someday the Traveling Pookie+Michele Show might be headed your way.

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